Start-up acceleration programs

Digital Launch Pad - OVH’s Startup Program

Entitled "Digital Launch Pad", this program differs from conventional incubators in its commitment to supporting selected projects all the way to their final stage, which is to say until they reach the market.

What are the benefits of the OVH Digital Launch Pad?

Before it became an international company, OVH was also a startup. We know how difficult it is to enter a market with very few resources. This is why we want startups to be able test our solutions free of charge and enjoy the expertise and support provided by OVH, so they can focus on launching their products and services to the market. 
DLP is based on three stages: ‘ideation’, ‘build’, and ‘market’ which correspond to the three phases of business project maturity making the program relevant to startups.

TIM #Wcap is TIM’s corporate accelerator that selects, finances, and accelerates digital startups.

TIM #Wcap is dedicated to innovation and includes more than 4000 square meters of accelerator space in Milan, Bologna, Rome and Catania.

Since 2009, TIM Wcap has received more than 9000 projects, supported about 300 startups and facilitated a number of partnership between its startups and TIM.